Leg Slide Test

Mon Jan 14, 2019 by Dr. Greg Rose

Test Objective for the Leg slide Test

The Leg Slide Test is used to determine if the athlete has a limited range of motion in the thorax that may cause trouble getting into the optimum Trophy Position. If either side is restricted this can have a negative impact on the serve, thus decreasing power, accuracy and speed.

Here is How to Perform the Leg Slide Test

To perform this test begin standing straight up with your head and back against the wall. Feet should be placed together and arms to the side of the body. Mark where your longest finger is on the side of each leg.  Now, side bend to their right as far as you can, sliding your hand down the side of your right leg.  Make sure the pelvis remains stable against the wall.  You should be able to get the crease of your wrist (where the hand meets the forearm) past the original middle finger mark. Make sure the feet remain together and flat on the ground and their is no flexion or extension during the test.  Repeat to the left.

If this is limited, your body may be effecting your ability to get into the proper side bend needed to obtain a perfect Trophy Postion.  It might be time to see a RacquetFit Certified professional.

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